General Text Page


Park in assigned (2) parking spaces.

No noise that will disturb or annoy the occupants or any other townhouse units-or permit anything to be done which will interfere with the rights, comforts or convenience of other townhouse unit occupants.

Waste Management:

All garbage and refuse from the townhouse units shall be deposited with care in the garbage containers
intended for such purposes.  All garbage and refuse shall be placed in plastic bags and be securely tied
before disposing in containers.  All cardboard boxes are to be broken down and placed in the proper recycle containers. 

If you have a large item to be disposed of, please call Waste Management to confirm that it is an item they will 
pick up before it is placed into or alongside the dumpster. Effective 12/2020 no furniture is allowed in the dumpster and all pickups will be chargeable to the Homeowner. Also any yard waste in bulk is not allowed in the dumpster, and must be called in for pickup and charged to the Homeowner.  An 'occasional' palm frond, or courtyard
clippings placed in a sealed bag will be allowed, more than that the Homeowner will be charged.

Call Waste Management 1-800-824-8472 for questions and pick-ups.

NO littering shall be done or permitted on the Association property.  This shall include the disposal and littering
of cigarette butts.


Not only palm trees blow in the heavy winds...outside furniture does, too!

Each townhouse unit owner who intends to be absent from their unit during hurricane season shall prepare their unit prior to their departure by doing the following:

Remove all furniture, potted plants and other moveable objects from their courtyard and balconies. Designate a responsible person or firm, satisfactory to the association should it suffer hurricane damage. If unit has seasonal guests arrive during hurricane season-that guests clear patio in preparation for possible storm prior to their departure-or have responsible person/firm clear patio in a timely manner after guests depart.


Complaints regarding the management of the Association property or regarding the actions of other townhouse unit owners, their families, guests or lessees shall be made in writing to the Association and shall be signed by the complaining townhouse unit owner.


Ocean Cove does not have a property management company.  The Homeowners Board and volunteers take care of the property.  Maintenance issues regarding the exterior of the buildings, roofs, fences, common areas and pool will be handled according to the Board's discretion.

There is a mailbox for maintenance issues or Cove concerns on the bulletin board by the mail boxes.

Any consent or approval given under Rules and Regulations by the Association may be revocable at any time by the Board.


Any damage to the common elements, property or equipment of the Association caused by any townhouse unit owner, family member, guest, invitee or lessee shall be repaired or replaced at the expense of such townhouse unit owner.